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Each cabin is furnished with the following:


Refrigerator~ freezer

Indoor plumbing with hot water (Cabin #6 has an outhouse & a shower house)

Pots & pans

Dishes, flatware, glasses & mugs

Cooking utensils

Stovetop toaster

Stovetop percolator

Twin mattresses 

Propane Gas Grill

Broom & dustpan

Floor mop

Trash bins 

Woodstove & Wood     

Fish cleaning facility

What to Bring:


Paper towels


Dish soap

Dish towels & clothes

Aluminum foil

Drinking water or water filtering device

Matches & lighters

Garbage bags (tall kitchen size)


Toilet paper

Body towels

Body soap


Personal hygiene items

Personal medicines


Sleeping bag or sheets & blankets for twin mattresses



QUEBEC'S PROVINCIAL FISHING LICENSE (can be bought in Temiscaming at ProNature or Stop 102 with cash or debit card)

Passport (US guests)

Bug repellant

Mosquito coils

Bug nets

Filet knife

Bait (no minnows allowed, dead or alive/ night crawlers coming from the States cannot be packaged in dirt)

CASH: CND or USD (prime less 5% at camp) Sorry, we do not accept credit cards. However we DO accept personal checks at camp

What NOT to Bring:

DO NOT Bring any electrical appliances (i.e: coffee makers, crock pots, deep fryers, hair dryers etc.)

  ~SLEEP APNEA machines ARE permitted

NO OPEN FIRES  are permitted

DO NOT Bring PETS without consent of management

Note: Water supplied is drawn from the lake, drinking untreated is not advised.

Ice and bait are NOT readily available at camp. We can however supply both with advanced notice. 

     Note: Any and all advanced requests will be paid for upon guests arrival.

Laundry service is not available at camp

Produce is not permitted to cross the border 

Firearms are not permitted to cross the border without proper supporting documentations

Handguns are illegal in Canada

Extra gas brought to camp is welcomed, however, it MUST be ethanol free and must be mixed by management.

(please provide proof of grade & ethanol free)

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