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About the Lake

Lake Sasseginaga is located about 55 road miles NE of Temiscaming, Quebec. There is only one road leading to the lake, and about 45 miles of it is gravel. Sasseginaga's remote location in combination with the gravel camp road keeps fishing pressure to a minimum and allows the lake to maintain a very healthy fish population. This lake is located in ZEC Kipawa, therefore a special permit is required to fish or hunt this area, in addition to your regular fishing and hunting licenses. We issue ZEC permits at our base camp. (more on ZEC below)

Sasseginaga is about 12 miles long and over 2 miles wide. There are many islands on the lake (translation of Sasseginaga), but three very large ones create lots of shoreline and character and allow anglers to find safe fishing in most all weather conditions.

The lake probably averages 25-30' in depth, with a few areas of 100'+ in depth. What makes the lake great, though, is the abundance of rocky shoals, sunken humps, and points. The fish usually move shallow on these structures in the evening and when the wind blows the bite can be fantastic. There are also several creeks feeding lake Sasseginaga. Large Northerns tend to congregate near the mouths of these creeks early in the season when the water is flowing heavily.

One other fishing camp is located about 10 miles north of our base camp, and there are only two other privately leased sites on the lake, so our guests will rarely have company while on the water. Lots of water to explore, lots of fish, beautiful scenery which includes many loons and the occasional moose, and very little will love lake Sasseginaga! 

What is ZEC?  ZEC and acronym for the French phrase "zone d'exploitation contrôlée", in English translates to "Controlled harvesting zone". Located in public territories

 of Quebec, ZEC's were established 1978 by Quebec's government with the intent to responsibly manage and preserve it's fishing and hunting resources.

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