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About our Camp

Our camp is located at the southern end of lake Sasseginaga. We currently have 2 cabins (1 & 4) available for guests at this site. A third cabin (cabin 2) is in need of repair and will hopefully be available in the next 2-3 years. Cabin 5 is located about a mile from camp, and cabins 6 & 7 are about 7 miles away toward the center part of the lake.

Our cabins are not fancy, but clean and functional. All cabins except cabin 6 have indoor toilets, refrigerators, showers, wood stoves, and hot water. Cabin 1 currently does not have a shower or hot water in the cabin, but both are available within 20' of the cabin in the shower house. Most cabins will sleep up to eight people. Like the cabins, our boats and motors are also very functional and reliable. The majority of our boats are 14' aluminums with very nice running 9.9 yamahas which will scoot you across the lake at a pretty good clip, troll very well, start easily, and are easy on gas. Our aim is to provide you with reliable equipment so that your stay will be relaxing and enjoyable. 

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