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Driving directions to Sasseginaga Outpost

We suggest "gasing up" at the Esso once you cross the Ottawa River. ProNature Sporting goods store (located at the southeast corner intersection of Chemin Kipawa Road and Highway 101) is a great place to purchase fishing licenses, bait, tackle and other outdoor supplies. Beside ProNature, Stop 102 convenience store is a good stop for beer and wine, hard liquor can be purchased downtown. There's a very nice IGA grocery store just south of the 4 way stop (about 1/4 mile on Rt 101).

From Temiscaming to camp...

-At the intersection of Rt 101 and Chemin de Kipawa, travel northeast on Chemin de Kipawa about 8.2 km (5.1 miles) then take a right on Chemin de Maniwaki.      (If you make it to Kipawa, you've gone too far)

-Travel east on the Maniwaki road for 38km (23.6 miles).

-Just past the 38km marker take a left on the Red Pine Chute road traveling north   for 12km (7.5 miles). 

-At the end of Red Pine Chute road, take a left heading northwestward on Bearn

  road for 3.4 km (2.1 miles).

-Take a right on the unmarked camp road and travel north then eastward for 29km (18 miles). Sasseginaga Outpost will be on your left.

Note: the last half of this trip can be a rough. Please take your time and enjoy the scenery. The trip from Temiscaming to camp is approximately 2 hours (3 to 4 if pulling a boat). 

Please note: There is no cell phone signal once you leave Temiscaming. It's advised to call (937) 408-1359 prior to leaving Temiscaming giving us an estimate of your arrival time. 

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