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In memory of Eli Stickley...

7-18-1996 ~ 7/5/2018

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Walleye and northern pike fishing in Quebec Canada. Where you'll find great  walleye and northern pike fishing in western Quebec, Canada. Fanstastic walleye fishing,  and  awesome northern pike fishing on Lake Sasseginaga Quebec, Canada. Some of the greatest  walleye and north pike fishing Canada has to offer. Great lake trout, huge walleye and nasty northern pike fishing on Lake Sasseginaga found in Western Quebec , Canada. Walleye and northern pike fishing in Quebec Canada. Big walleye and monster  northern pike fishing in Canada. Where you can find big walleye and big northern pike fishing in Quebec, Canada. Seeking walleye and northern pike fishing in Quebec Canada?  Come to Sasseginaga Outpost on Lake Sasseginaga in western Quebec near North Bay, Ontario. Coming to Canada for  walleye and northern pike fishing? Consider Sasseginaga Outpost on Lake  Sasseginaga  near Lake Ogascanan in Quebec, Canada. Canada's finest walleye fishing on Lake Sasseginaga, Quebec, Canada. Looking for  great walleye and northern pike fishing in Quebec Canada? Venture to  Sasseginaga Outpost on Lake Sasseginaga. Big walleye,  northern pike fishing in Quebec Canada, Escape to  Canada  for  big  walleye (pickerel)  and northern pike fishing located  in Quebec Canada. Sasseginaga  is where you'll find big walleye and northern pike fishing in Quebec, Canada. Remote outfitter, Sasseginaga Oupost  will put you on big walleye and northern pike located in Quebec, Canada.  Sasseginaga Outpost  has  great housekeeping accommodations. The housekeeping accommodations are modern,  clean  and carefree. Looking for a remote get-away with great fishing and great housekeeping accommodations? Come to Sasseginaga Outpost where our friendly hosts will make you feel at home. Clean, comfortable cabins with housekeeping accommodations is what you'll find at Sasseginga Oupost  located on Lake Sassseginga  near Lake Ogascanan in the ZEC Kipawa  region of Quebec, Canada. Warm and modern accommodations in a remote  setting, nestled in northwestern Quebec, Canada. Sasseginaga Outpost provides housekeeping accommodations,  on Lake sasseginaga, near bush country camp and Lake Ogascanan Lodge, Quebec, Canada. Sasseginaga, also spelled Saseginaga or Lac Saseginaga is located in the ZEC Kipawa  Restigo in western Quebec, Canada. Within the ZEC Kipawa Restigo, you can find Sasseginaga Outpost, Bush Country and Lake Ogascanan Lodge providing you the  greatest  walleye fishing northern Canada has to offer. Moose and bear hunting  can be found in ZEC Kipawa's region.  Come to Sasseginaga Outpost for great  hunting, bear hunting, moose hunting, duck hunting in our remote Canadian shield setting.  

Welcome to Sasseginaga Outpost! Under new ownership and management. We're a family owned and operated camp excited to serve you! As guest, you'll discover great Walleye (pickerel) and Northern pike fishing (lake trout are present too). Modern amenities and warm hospitality will make your stay enjoyable and relaxing. The seclusion of lake Sasseginaga will allow you to experience some of the finest fishing that Quebec has to offer! Bear in mind, the last leg of your trip takes you into the depths of wilderness. Nearly 50 miles of gravel logging roads enhances fishing success! As new owners, it's our goal to continually upgrade the camp and its facilities to help your stay be comfortable and carefree, allowing you to make the most out of why you come.... to have fishing success and enjoy the camaraderie of family and friends while taking in the beauty and tranquility of God's magnificent creation...... the unspoiled North!